Company Profile

MYM knitwear a family owned business was established in 1988 as a modern knitwear production unit. What started as a modest set up, has established itself as a major exporter and manufacturer of high quality Fashion Apparels and Garments. We have a strong international presence and our products are sold through some of the best-known stores and brands including Wal Mart, K-Mart and Target store.

Fashion trends and International quality standards in Textile Apparel are rapidly changing; therefore we at MYM Knitwear are always alert and responsive to their rising standards. Moreover we always emphasize on quality and work considerably from the beginning of the order to ensure that we are a line above competition.

Mym team consist of a force of dynamic and dedicated employees that work to give their best under an experienced and vigilant chain of management controlling the department of knitting, cutting,finishing and packaging elegantly. The management led by the proprietor himself continuously strives to reach unexplored prospects, tackling short notice orders in an experienced manner as well as delivering results efficiently and honorably.

We maintain that every aspect of our operation is inclined toward adding to a progressive future and we strongly believe that by a motivated workforce, experienced leadership and vast knowledge we can undoubtedly grow to be one of the most successful textile industry leaders in the upcoming years.